A fantastic AGM is on its way.

Every day, more tablers from all over Germany and worldwide apply for the AGM in Germanys capital city Berlin.
We, the Berlin Round Tables, have created a supporting programme which includes the following TOP events:  -     a cool city safari in the „Trabbi“ convertible -     a visit of old bunkers below the city -     a must for the engineers amongst us is the exclusive visit of the largest construction site in Europe: the international Berlin/Brandenburg Airport (BBI). Your children will have a fantastic weekend staying at an adventure farm. This of course includes a convenient shuttle service and full supervision and care. The highlight will undoubtedly be the gala evening in the Dresdner train station. A carefully chosen top location within the heart of Berlin, where the live band „Big Mama“ will take care of us and fire us up! For the farewell, everybody will receive a personal „Berlin tabler diploma“ - at the university of fine arts near the Berlin Zoo. But don't jump into Knuts basin! YIT Your Berlin Tables Apply online via: www.agm-2009.de 1. Register and log in and 2. book your chosen events!

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